This Musician Says H&M Used His Song Without Permission In An Instagram Ad

On Monday, H&M posted a short video with a backing track on Instagram to advertise an article about blue jeans in the H&M magazine. After two commenters praised the backing track and asked what it was called, H&M replied saying the song “does not have a name” and was “specifically produced for us to use”…

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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Getting Dumber?

This should make you feel pretty good about yourself.

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28 Ways To Transform Your Hair Without The Commitment

They literally work like markers, so just press down (on dry hair!) as you would with a coloring book. Really! Plus, you can can still straighten or curl your hair! And they can blend, so your hair can have all the damn colors of the wind. Promising review: “I’ve always wanted pastel or bright colored…

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